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Holler Brewing Co.


First Industrial
Studio A
(832) 781-0555

Holler Brewing is an award-winning “neighborhood microbrewery” dedicated to providing the freshest and highest quality beer in town within a fun and welcoming community-focused environment. Open seven days a week, Holler hosts free events almost daily, including the Holler Haulers Run Club, Holler Gears and Beers Bike Club, BINGO, Karaoke, live music every Saturday, philanthropy events, birthdays, and celebrations.

A great day to visit is on the second Saturday of each month!  Visitors can grab a cold beer and walk down the breezeway to view the hundreds of art studios and market vendors that open their doors for the day. Upon returning, they can enjoy live music on the patio. 

Holler Brewing is proud to be a part of the creative community at Sawyer Yards. There is something special about crafting the perfect beer, with each batch made with care and love.