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Cassandra Bohne-L.

Silver Street Studios
Studio 101

Cassandra Bohne-Linnard (Bohne-L) is a native Houstonian who has been painting oils & acrylics for over 25 years. After retiring from the corporate world she dedicated herself to her young family and in this environment, her artistic creativity flourished. After creating "Freedom" an abstract oil painting of a blue butterfly, she was captivated by the natural beauty of butterflies and inspired to create art using real, preserved butterflies. A collection of Cassandra’s butterfly cloches and patent pending luxury clocks made with real preserved butterflies are sold at the world renowned Houston Museum of Natural Science. Her clocks have been featured in the auctions at the galas of prestigious organizations such as the Houston Grand Opera, Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Alzheimer’s Association. Her clocks are on permanent exhibit at Bisong Art Gallery and Impulse Art Gallery. Cassandra’s trademark slogan "the timeless beauty of real butterflies resurrected through art" perfectly captures the essence of Cassandra's work with butterflies. The butterflies used in her work are sustainably sourced from all over the world selected for their original unadulterated natural colors and beauty. After working with real butterflies Cassandra’s paintings evolved to become colorful contemporary abstracts founded in aspects of the natural world, focusing heavily on powerful representations of exotic and otherworldly plants, majestic trees, and images of moons.

"Life – in all it’s beauty, fragility and ability to transform – has always been my inspiration. I began my artistic journey with oils and acrylics when I was 20 years old. It’s no wonder that as a painter I became enamored with butterflies and their miraculous, thought-provoking transformation. After painting a few butterfly pieces, I immediately turned my attention to the real thing and began preserving this wonder of nature in various art forms.

My butterfly clocks and cloches capture the timeless beauty of real butterflies, in their natural, unadulterated state. In a world where human activity and global warming and climate change threaten many butterfly species, I hope my pieces can preserve a record of this wonder of nature for future generations. By ensuring that I use only sustainably sourced butterflies I can also make my own small contribution to the survival of these species.

I strive to preserve the beauty of this delicate species and, in a sense, resurrect it through my art. My goal is to invoke a sense of life, resurrection and timelessness to all those who experience my art."