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Adam Land Fine Arts

Silver Street Studios
Studio 122
+1 (704) 576-3539

Adam Land (b. 1976) is an intuitive abstract artist based in Houston, Texas, known for his
ability to navigate the delicate balance between opposing ideas within his art. His belief in
painting as a fusion of direct observation and instinct, merging control with spontaneity, serves
as a bridge between the literal and the symbolic, aiming to convey deeply personal messages
to his viewers.

Proficient across diverse mediums—painting, sculpture, and ceramics—Adam's creations
grace private collections, government holdings, and various businesses. His artistic odyssey
features exhibitions such as "Abstracts Only" at Wailoa Center in Hilo, Hawaii, and “Beyond
Boundaries: A Journey into Abstract Realms” at Barbagelata Contemporary Art Foundation in
Barcelona, Spain. Notably, he has participated in esteemed events like Spectrum Miami, Art
Basel, ArtExpo NYC, and Art San Diego.

Adam's artistic narrative achieved prominence in prestigious publications, notably within the
pages of Art in America's Annual Guide 2023, defining excellence in the spotlight. His artistry
has adorned the esteemed platforms of Architectural Digest, Art & Collecting Manhattan
edition, embodying the pinnacle of artistic appreciation. Additionally, his expressive creations
found resonance in American Artwork 2023, curated under Howard Eige's discerning eye as
the Juror, and within Kithe's Volume #3. Each feature serves as a significant chapter in Adam
Land's journey, spotlighting his profound impact and influential presence within the art world.