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Ellen H Ray

Painting, Drawing, plus

Silver Street Studios
Studio 108
same as cell

Ellen H Ray is an American artist living and working in Houston, Texas. Through meditation, research, and making she explores the connection between humans and the natural world through genetics, consciousness, and shared history. Her recent work considers the impact that separation or lack of awareness of these connections has had on our planet and our own lives. Where humans were once a part of the natural world, we now live our lives almost completely separated from its powerful spirituality and wisdom.
" I'm excited to be back on the Sawyer Yard campus, this time in a bright & sunny studio at Silver Street! Aside from my contemplative grayscale paintings and drawings, I have a ongoing series of joyful and colorful small works to appease my deep love of good design. I hope to see you soon - I'm easy to find - just off the deck at Silver Street Studios, right next to the PINK Entrance Doors!"