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Chu Okoli

Acrylics, Oils, multi-media

Silver Street Studios
Studio 319
(713) 291-9456

Great artists are born to bend the rules when opportunity calls for it, or break the rules when the burden demands it.

My work with concentric circle is a break from tradition.
I'm inspired by the cyclical nature of life and the Universe; and the balance, symmetry and energy for which the circles represents.
I use circles as both a method and as tool to express the way I perceive the Universe and World around me. In painting in concentric circles I hope to unfurl a brand new way to relate to subject matter and narrate unique visual stories.

I use the highest quality materials including pure oil pigments paste and knife tools to create the bold multiple layers of colors leading to the rich textural display. I create these circles all free-hand to achieve precision and fluidity. There are no tools or mechanical devices involved in creating my reality.

As artists, I realize we have the opportunity to inspire reality not only by the way we see it, but also by the way we help others see it.