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Custom Handmade Clothing

The Shops at Sawyer Yards
Studio Suite 115
(314) 480-2344

We are a small, passionate team specializing in handmade custom apparel for men and women. With over 55 years of experience, we have created an immersive design process where you can customize all parts of your garment, no matter the garment type or occasion. We'll have comprehensive consultations with you to learn more about your lifestyle and interests to incorporate into your pieces.

Along with handmade custom, we offer a curated selection of quality casual wear, including tracksuits, denim, footwear, golf wear, Houston-weight leather jackets, socks, belts, and so much more. Most of which are also customizable both in fit and to your taste. So join us for a cup of coffee, and enjoy a view of the Houston skyline from our showroom patio!