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Design DCA

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 101
(832) 604-6686

David Cox founded Design DCA in 2006 after several years of leading the design department of a successful single-family builder in Houston, Texas and working for designers in Florida and the Midwest. David works in all styles, but modern design holds a special appeal for him. He is a fan of mid-century modern architecture and furniture and is heavily influenced by this era of design.

Having also spent some time in his career as a project manager for a large regional builder, David has a great deal of first-hand experience in construction practices and techniques. He incorporates this knowledge into his modern designs, creating homes that are unique, but use common practices and materials to ensure ease of construction and reasonable cost.

Design DCA strives to create cutting edge designs, but also respects past architectural and regional styles. We can design creative modern, or take inspiration from a classic design and put a modern twist on it to create a transitional design.