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April DeConick Art

Contemporary Art Textiles and Tapestries

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 220
(281) 881-9441

April DeConick is an abstract expressionist who creates contemporary art textiles. Her textile artworks have won top awards in juried competitions, been shown in special exhibitions, and published in a variety of venues. She has published articles and books on her textiles and dyeing techniques. Her tapestries and wearable art are on display in her gallery at the Yards.

By focusing on the poetics of color and texture as she creates her tapestries, she explores spontaneity, unconventionality, and boldness as practices of truth-telling, transformation, and transcendence. She uses a free stitch and bright colors that transform the familiar myopic view into the unfamiliar and multidimensional, inviting us to experience exuberance, vitality, and hope, to live authentically outside the boundaries that confine us.