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Vicki Zahand Abstracts

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Winter Street Studios
Studio A125

It’s fun (and sometimes a little scary) to look back on your life and see how you got to where you are. I’m Vicki Zahand and I’m an artist. I paint intuitive abstract paintings primarily with acrylic paint. I’ve been painting since 2010.

My work reflects the complexity of human life – our thoughts, minds, hearts, and souls – the parts of ourselves rarely, if ever, seen by others.

My paintings are intuitive … meaning they don’t necessarily represent an object or particular thing, but rather express thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions. Often my works seem simple from a distance, but up close are found to be quite complex with details that can only be seen on close examination. I find this a great metaphor for each of us as individuals. What we show the world day-to-day is rather basic, but it requires time and close contact to see the more personal details of who we really are and what is significant about us. Too often we don’t let people close enough to see those beautiful details of ourselves.

These works reflect a wide range of emotions, experiences, and thoughts … each revealed and received differently for the individual viewer. Central themes include uniqueness, imperfection, and the beauty created and expressed by it.

Each work is a one-of-a-kind expression, with marks and brush strokes that could never be replicated. These represent the unique creation of each person and the individuality of each of our human experiences. No one has the life or experiences that you have or have had. They are not precise or perfect, just as none of us is perfect … hard as we may try or think we are. But they combine to create an image of not perfection – but beauty.

I hope my work will inspire you to give yourself more grace in your life. See your life as a beautiful collection of good and bad experiences, thoughts, struggles, victories, and daily steps. The result is a beautiful life.