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ML Ceramics


Spring Street Studios
Studio 113
(281) 755-4853

Introduced to ceramics in high school, Michael Lesher’s journey through exploring the medium has been diverse in nature. Michael has been destined to continue throwing since his early explorations at the University of Toledo, Ohio where he graduated with a Bachelor of Art Education. Shortly after moving to Texas and starting his career as an art teacher, Michael’s career took a shift into the world of counseling where he earned his Master of Counseling Education at the University of St. Thomas. Since living in Houston, Michael has attended local studio ceramic classes and eventually set up an at home studio after finding a “free” kiln at an estate sale. Michael currently shares a studio space with another local artist/therapist.

Mechanically altering wheel thrown forms, Michael’s work explores the experience of adjustment, change, and metamorphosis of literal and figurative internal and external pressures over time. Perfectly symmetrical forms will be modified by turning them on end, adding texture, or playing with finished surfaces by using oxides, glazes, and altering textures. Michael’s exploration of themes of mental health is recreated on the clay surface. As a result, Michael’s work embodies the act of understanding and empathizing life’s joys and struggles.