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Casamayor Art

Painting, collage and mixed media

Winter Street Studios
Studio B240

I am Marie E. Casamayor-Harvey, a Houston based artist with Cuban and Colombian roots. I create paintings, sculptures, drawings, collage and mixed media works. My work reflects an enchantment with symbolism, expressionism, surrealism and metaphysical imagery.

I experiment with different media, combining many materials and techniques. I incorporate strong boundaries and borders with bright, bold colors and muted tones. I am interested in exploring musical, spiritual and emotional experiences through my art. I am currently exploring the concept of belonging across space and time.

My goal is to spark a dialog and make a connection between the viewer and my work; that pure harmony between the viewer and the image, a “vibration of the soul and inner pulsation,” as Kandinsky called it. I strive to ignite people’s souls!