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Leonor Ratliff Fine Art


Spring Street Studios
Studio 106

When I began my art career I was interested in portraits. With just charcoal and illustration board, I created several portraits for friends and family. Then I tried painting landscapes and using more colors. I experimented with a variety of media. As an artist, my interests are constantly changing. As my interest has shifted to abstract painting. I love the creative processes that produce imaginative designs and color combinations. I also enjoy the challenges I encounter each time I paint a new piece. I employ different techniques or perspectives when I paint, often not knowing where they will lead me. Sometimes I paint upright on an easel, or I will place the canvas on the floor. I use whatever tools are laying around in my studio, creating textures or patterns until I sense that I need to stop or that piece is finished. I also enjoy observing and listening to the audience as they react to each piece I make, and it makes me happy that I can bring joy to those who experience my art.