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Erika Alonso

acrylic, oil, watercolor, and ink

Winter Street Studios
Studio B205

About the Artist
Erika Alonso (b. 1987) is a second-generation Cuban-American artist who lives and works in Houston, Texas. She spent her childhood in Southern California, a place to which she often "escapes" while painting. Alonso is a self-taught and unabashedly painterly painter whose works are meant to capture a moment in all of its fleetingness—the movement and rush and whirl of it all.

*Artist statement*
My work resides at the intersection of abstraction and figuration: painterly swirls of color, lyrical lines, a watchful eye in the sky, windows as escape hatches, reflection pools, cascading flowers (that are also people), birds, snakes, and animals of all kinds. My art explores how thoughts and memories—and the feelings they evoke—can translate visually through the intuitive use of color and strong gestural marks.