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Jennifer K. G. Martin

Charcoal, watercolor

Spring Street Studios
Studio 110
(713) 392-4129

I work in charcoal and watercolor, mostly out of love for the mediums, and I have found that their characteristics are appropriate for my subject matter. My work is currently considering movement in and through emotional spaces, individually and in relation to others. I am interested in communication, translation of thoughts, boundaries, and response. Watercolor is capable of intense saturation and adds some uncontrollability to the process - the paint and water can change what I’m doing as I do it, reflecting unexpected outcomes and imprecise feelings. Charcoal layers of haze and form might be erased completely, leave just a trace, or remain pronounced, all fitting for expression of challenging journeys. The choices of form, light and dark, color, and mark making often have very specific meaning for me, but abstraction allows viewers to access the work from their own experiences and observations.

My work has received awards in the juried 2022 and 2020 International Watermedia Exhibitions - Watercolor Society of Houston, and has been shown in the 2021 Big Show at the Lawndale Art Center and in multiple exhibitions at the Glassell School of Art, MFAH, Houston.