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Edgar Medina Art

Acrylics & Mixed media

Winter Street Studios
Studio A150

My paintings are considered Contemporary Abstracts: they are expressive, full of color, energy, bold, and inspirational. The scope of my work varies, and each series has a different vision and infused with a positive message that encourages me to believe in myself and inspire others. In my experience, collectors initially love the aesthetic of my work, but when I share my inspiration and message behind it, they fall in love with the piece.

I find inspiration in nature’s untamed colors and the vibrant fusion of both my Mexican and American cultures. The result creates a unique snapshot of the moment in time from my life. My journey has been my education; feeling confident in my work, learning from my mistakes as a self-taught artist, and discovering new techniques. The value of my struggle is the final composition of my artwork. Painting has become my passion, and I want to continue to inspire others through my work and life.