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Cheryl Russell

oil and acrylic

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 129
(713) 256-8979

I am spirited artist diving headfirst into the boundless sea of figurative and abstract expressionism painting. An interdisciplinary artist, my artistic interests also include book making, watercolor, printmaking, photography, and other mediums that often play a role in my main body of work. My painting explores color, dramatic mark making, and symbolism - my portraits often include an inconspicuous rune or symbol, and my other works often incorporate an underpainting with words, symbols and heartfelt marks.

My art isn't simply paint on a canvas; it's a tribute to the depth of emotions and the stories that reside within us. With every work I seek to give a voice to the unspoken, a form to the formless, and a story to the silent. It's an exploration of the human experience, a dance between the tangible and the ethereal.

My work often carries the essence of empowerment and equality – to the strength and resilience of humanity. Through my art, I aim to spark conversations, challenge norms, and celebrate unique journeys. For me, art is a powerful platform to convey ideas and stir emotions, and I embrace that responsibility wholeheartedly.

Art can touch us, reach us in places within that mere words cannot.