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Sarah Luna


Silver Street Studios
Studio 325

I am a contemporary and pop artist from Houston, Texas. I LOVE color, and I groove on actual POPS of color.

My love language is creating joy and making a statement through my artwork. I am best known for my fortune cookies, abstracts and popsicles. I make each one by hand, and I continue to expand their possibilities.

I accept commissions throughout the year, and depending on the season, it takes about 1-3 months to complete. Don’t hesitate to email me and talk about your project and vision.

I love working with your paint swatches and textile patterns and creating either a contemporary abstract piece, popsicle piece, collage piece or a lightening bolt!

By day, I am a Certified Daring Way high school counselor and am passionate about helping adolescents as they navigate a very interesting world. In 2019, I was featured in Travis Scott’s, Look Mom I Can Fly, his Netflix documentary, where he honors me as his counselor in high school. It was such an honor.

Whether I am painting in my home studio or working in my office as an educator, I am fortunate to thrive and find joy in both worlds.

My Houston studio, where most of my work is displayed is at Silver Street in Sawyer Yards, #325.