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Zack Murray Fine Art

Figurative and Portrait Art

Spring Street Studios
Studio 209
(713) 679-1765

Figurative and Portrait Fine Artist

Proficient in multiple mediums, the past 5 years Murray's focus has been drawing and painting people and the environments they inhabit using a range of wet and dry mediums. In his Figure work he captures an expressive manner, the models personality and mood, hinting at a vague narrative. Delivering by intentionally breaking classical style norms, using colors outside a classical palette, gestural mark making, and well thought out composition. Similar to the pressure that tattooing, he thrives on the pressure a time limit creates when working from life. Keeping loose, with lack of stylistic boundaries, a multitude of media, and drawing from life unless a project is commissioned based gives his work range. It moves from expressive and gestural to realistic naturalism with a twist of color.