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Vivian Mora


The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 217

I paint because I can't imagine not painting.

Painting is an essential part of my existence. I create abstracts using acrylics in combination with other media to depict thoughts, impressions, and/or scenes through color, surface texture, and forms. Although I visualize most of my pieces before picking up a brush, the work becomes more and more intuitive as it comes to life. Often, the original design becomes the “bones” or structure from which a new work emerges.

Vivian’s work has been exhibited in group exhibitions and juried competitions throughout Texas. She has garnered recognition and awards locally and nationally in the categories of non-objective abstract art; mixed media; and drawing. She also leads an annual workshop on abstract expression. Born in the Mississippi Delta, Vivian resided in New Orleans, LA; and Madison, WI before making her home in Houston, Texas with her son, three dogs, and a turtle known as Kurome.