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Aguilera Gallery

Acrylic and oils on canvas

Silver Street Studios
Studio 210
(281) 235-3671

Aguilera Gallery’s main focus is to present and promote the works of its owner and director, Rodrigo Aguilera. After years of experience in the field of contemporary art in Houston and noticing how the art world has developed, it is now time to present, in a healthy and fresh new way, the beautiful mind of the artist. What better place than his own space, free of contaminated ideas. In some way or another, I've always been working with "Conceptual Realism." All my paintings, in the end are realistic but with an strong abstraction influencing them. This is realism at first glance with an accurate representation and mastering technical skills, but also provoking ideas. Color being one of my most important elements. My goal is to be inspired by the real world and to conceive deeper meanings and messages beyond the surface appearance of the artwork. I hope the viewer will experience a strong emotional impact through intellectual contemplation and be challenged in their perception of reality. A painting that will be able to transcend in the end.