Vivian Mora


The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 217
(713) 385-5548

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I paint because I can't imagine not painting. Painting is an essential part of living. I’m exploring abstraction using acrylics in combination with other media to depict thoughts, emotion and/or scenes through color, surface texture, and forms. Although, I sketch out most of my pieces before picking up a brush, the work becomes more and more intuitive as it comes to life. Often, the original design becomes the structure from which a new work emerges.

My work is vivid and reflects the joy that I find in just being part of this world. I work on several pieces simultaneously. My pieces can be thought of as paintings upon paintings because I work each stage until I'm satisfied with all aspects of it even though I know it's rarely the final view.

My work is constantly evolving. Everything I encounter informs my work. Although I am primarily focused on abstract expression, I continually challenge myself as an artist to just create!