Visual Artist VIII (No.8) & Carrie Swim Contemporary.

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 223

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The studio is shared in between two artists, VIII and Carrie Swim.

VIII is the artistic name for the Mexican painter, Valeria Mtz- Llamosa., an emerging visual artist who specializes in color, special finishes, works with texture and a unique language within the contemporary world & the pop art movement.

The artist strongly believes in that energetic force that pulls people in through color and forms, and what she wants to convey with her work is to provide that graceful moment of contemplation, but vibrantly! Her ideal clients are collectors drawn by striking colors and spirited works.

Born in Houston, Texas, Carrie Swim embraces her creative process holding a strong lyrical abstract style in painting. These works actualize primarily through her practice of interlacing dance with painting; she calls this her “body painting” process.

She uses an ever- evolving visual language sourced in a classical training of drawing, painting and printmaking that she gained through her BFA at Baylor and studies in Italy. By her Masters at the University of Kansas and her seven-year career in New York City, where she began to bring a tangibility to the unspoken elements of “essence” or “essential matters” throuhh abstraction.