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Sheila Leatherwood Art

Mixed Media

Winter Street Studios
Studio A10


“Who are the late bloomers? They are people who at whatever cost and under whatever circumstances have succeeded in finding themselves.”Brendan Gill

“I am a late bloomer! Surviving cancer came at a personal cost. After making peace with the challenges my forty year survivorship brought, I was finally able to find myself and experience life in a whole new way - through art.

In 2015, my first pieces of art were portraits of famous people made of many layers of paint, cardboard and glue. Frida, Diego Rivera, Napoleon, Josephine and Snoop Dogg and Martha were some of my favorites. Since then, I’ve branched out and created several Willies, Dolly Parton, Bob Dylan, Iris Apfel, a few family portraits, Bevo, and many others. My cardboard art work (assemblage) has a bit of a sculptural feel.

These days, the medium varies from cardboard on canvas, to mixed media on canvas and paper. I also take commissions. My portraits are expressive and tell their stories in an intuitive way, hopefully evoking a smile or two from the viewer.”


After graduating from Texas A&M University in 1976, with a degree in elementary education, I taught kindergarten, first and second grade for several years. I returned to my hometown of Houston, in 2015, after living 36 years in Tyler, Texas. Let me just say, Houston has changed since 1978!

I’m currently a student at Glassell School of Art. Two of my pieces are hanging in a group show in the Buchner Gallery at Glassell School of Art through February 2022. I love being a late bloomer!!