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Sarah Rimboch

Resin Mixed Media

Silver Street Studios
Studio 325
(419) 602-0976

Sarah is an American artist and educator living and working in Houston, Texas. Sarah currently teaches art at an elementary school in the Spring Branch ISD while simultaneously working towards her goal of being a full-time artist. Rimboch is best known for her abstract resin paintings, but she is prolific and has the ability to work with a broad range of mediums.
Sarah was born and raised in Huron, Ohio. From 2007-2012, Sarah studied at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts Education with a focus in Printmaking. In 2013, Sarah moved from Ohio to Houston, Texas. The move and search for employment forced her to take a break from art and focus on her teaching career. Three years later, although she loved and excelled at her job, she realized that her life lacked inspiration as she had no personal, creative outlet. This self-realization brilliantly coincided with Rimboch stumbling upon the medium of resin. It was kismet.
Rimboch then dedicated two full years to building a substantial body of work. After being inspired and encouraged by an artist friend, she applied and was accepted to exhibit at Houston’s First Saturday Arts Market. From the onset she experienced success and it propelled her to seek more experiences to display publicly. Sarah has now regularly shown at outdoor art markets throughout the Houston area and notably the Friendswood Art in the Park Festival.
In January of 2020 Sarah was accepted into John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program where she will be learning entrepreneurial skills from the Escapism Founder for an entire year. Sarah ranks this as her most significant art accomplishment to date and knows that it is the actual beginning her art journey.

In October 2020, Sarah graduated from the John Ross Palmer’s Escapist Mentorship Program. She was recognized for her accomplishments and had the honor of accepting the Escapist of the Year award.

Continuing on her art journey, Sarah now has a studio space at Silver Street Studios in studio #325.