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Mic McAllister

Oil, Acrylic, India Ink, Clay and Mixed Mediums on Paper, Canvas, Clay and Anything Else I Find

Winter Street Studios
Studio 6
(713) 438-8635

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Art for me is a bridge of communication. It provides a way to fill in the gaps left by absolute reliance on the spoken word, which can oftentimes be, as I see it, very flat. Art can bypass the intellect and reach the part of our consciousness that is the seat of the soul. To communicate through art is to lay one’s true thoughts and feeling bare before an audience.
We are energetic beings with a wide range of emotions and interpretations of the world around us.
I explore a wide range of colors, movement and materials to convey the thought or feeling that I attempt to reveal. Sometimes the strokes or movements are sharp, sometimes subtle. This reflects diversity in experience and emotion; each stroke is a metaphor for the beauty and connection of individual thoughts and feelings.
When I create, I allow the emotions and thoughts to flow through me until, at last, they are exhausted and the message is complete. We are in the challenge of being human. Communication and being true to ourselves and others through that communication is one of the biggest continual challenges we will face as humans.