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Julia McLaurin Art

Clay, Digital collage, Photoshop

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 224
(713) 376-8304

My name is Julia McLaurin, I am an artist and creative visionary and Photoshop wizard working out of Houston, Texas. My art centers on creating the joy and humor through different media including ceramics and digital collage. Size and scale. Humor. Surrealism. The unexpected. These concepts weave throughout my work. Walls of ceramic ice cream cones and lucky charm marshmallows. My most recent project includes 95 clay emoji’s, each 5” in diameter. They are hand sculpted emoji’s; kiln fired 3 times, and look magnificent arranged on a wall. I inset mirrors in strategic places as to allow one to view themselves, and reflect on their current emotional state of being. The emoji’s bring so much joy to all who view them! This, I absolutely love! It’s why I create, what gives me energy! There is also an interesting dichotomy between the usual way in which we perceive the emoji, perfectly generated on the iPhone screen, and my clay, handmade emoji’s, with all their enduring imperfections. My art is extremely colorful and energetic. The world itself can be a dark, unsettling place at times. I want to create, large, joyful works that is at the core of the human spirit.

The earth without art is just eh- Demetri Martin.