Jen Lam Parmer - Jewelry Studio


Silver Street Studios
Studio 305

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As an artist & metalsmith, I enjoy fabricating bold designs out of unassuming materials. Brass sheet is etched and transformed into ginormous moth shaped earrings, watercolor paintings are coated in resin and made into colorful jewelry, and real leaves are dipped in copper to preserve their beauty for a lifetime. While my style can often be playful and irreverent, there is almost always a deeper meaning behind my creations. Stories are told through my collections and often inspired by mystical experiences, ancient symbolism and my belief that everyday life can be magical. Driven to explore the idea of “synchromysticism” or "the art of realizing meaningful coincidences in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance,” I use my own personal experiences to guide my creations in metal, plaster, and gemstones alike. Visit my showroom at Silver Street Studios #305 where you can see more of my work such as an 8 ft tall swinging pendulum made of amethyst, plaster planets inspired by petri dishes, and gemstone studded metalwork.

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