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Halvorsen Fine Art

Oil on canvas

Silver Street Studios
Studio 105
(805) 796-7489

Landscapes. Seascapes. Cityscapes.

As an American Impressionist, born in 1956 into a family of artists, I’ve been a life-long painter with a passion for natural beauty. I create my paintings on location transforming rare vistas into stunning interpretations of bright colors and fluid motion. You will see that my art has an organic, landscape vibe which derives from my love of the natural world. I paint because I must. When I see how the light strikes a particular scene for a brief moment in time, I know, I simply need to paint it. My plein air paintings of landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes are known for their brilliant colors and extensive texture. I truly enjoy and get inspired by the real beauty of the great outdoors.

Serving as an art judge and being at the forefront of a new impressionistic movement, I called Clear Impressionism, I demonstrate my painting technique to student artists nationwide. I’m on a lifelong quest to explore all of our country’s national parks and forests where I gain inspiration for capturing the light, colorizing the amazing scenes and using texture on the canvas. With my art I want to take you on a journey through this rare beauty of our nature that is still out there!