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FW Heritage

Sabine Street Studios
Studio 141
(832) 531-3911

Our mission is to Respectfully Restore and preserve historic homes in the First Ward and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Our vision is to maintain the historic character of the neighborhood, to protect its heritage and to showcase its legacy to future generations.

In recent years, the Washington Corridor has been experiencing rapid growth. This has significantly impacted the First Ward.

We understand that development and growth are important and much needed to improve the quality of the neighborhood. However, too many historic single-family homes, in good or at least salvageable conditions, have been demolished and replaced with townhomes. This practice has become so widespread that it threatens to destroy the historic character of our neighborhood.

FW Heritage presents its neighbors with an alternative – sell your historic homes to us, and we promise it will not be torn down. Instead, it will be Respectfully Restored.