Found Ephemera Art

Collage / Assemblage

Winter Street Studios
Studio A8

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Educated as a clinician and IT professional, structure and methodical detail show in my passion for deconstructing and reconfiguring found paper, paintings, book parts and other ephemera into meaningful works of art. I incorporate right and left brain messages into my creations with the effusive use of color to provoke the viewer to see his or her personal story in the work.

I am a visionary upcycle artist, using only original found materials/ephemera. There is great pleasure in giving disparate and discarded ephemera the opportunity for a new life; a new purpose and meaning when combined into a single construction. The complexity and hidden messages in my artistic creations reference concepts and/or historical instances influenced by life experiences: living and travelling internationally, family upbringing, thoughts on world events and scientific/technical education.

I collect stuff. I sift through information and ideas. As I sift, I sort and assemble the interesting bits; the bits that contradict the familiar, the easy and the comfortable. These bits become seeds which I tend by seeking context through deliberate research. A viable seed will root leading me along the path of hidden histories, connections and words that should not be forgotten.