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Debbie Gibbs

mixed media: acrylic and paper on stretched canvas

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 123
(202) 344-7489

My mixed media work is made with acrylic paints and mediums and papers of all kinds --found and printed by me--on stretched canvas. My work includes abstract pieces, symbolic mosaic-like paintings, and collages.

The content of my art often is a celebration racial and gender diversity. Simplified heads and hands convey race. Hearts convey emotions like loving, reaching and embracing. The rainbow flag is used to celebrate gender and sexual identity. Open mouths and uplifted hands are calls to be heard. Other iconic symbols such as crosses, nautilus shells, flamingoes and turtles appear in my work as triggers for the viewer. I use the Venn diagram to convey overlapping ideas and the connections between people, ideas, and groups as well as the creation of fresh, new ideas in the intersection. In contrast to my mosaics and collages, the content of my abstract work emerges as I paint.