Debbie Gibbs

acrylic paintings and mixed media

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 313

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About me:
I have painted for many years. As of July, 2019, I began devoting much more time to my work in my home studio, having retired from over 40 years in education as a teacher and administrator, for the last twelve years as head of Lowell School, a very diverse, creative and progressive school in Washington, DC. Our home now in Houston is filled with my art work and it is time to spread beyond those walls which brought me to Sawyer Yards to create a gallery/workspace, exhibit in the Sawyer Yards shows and be an active part of the art community of Houston.
My work:
I create mixed media work using acrylic and a wide variety of textured and colored papers on stretched canvas. For much of my mixed media work, I use a mosaic-like style, influenced by my love of Gaudi and Fuster's mosaics. One current emphasis in my mosaic-like work is stylized faces to celebrate racial diversity. I also do abstract acrylic paintings. My abstract style is emergent: I let the painting take me where it wants to go. In addition, I create note cards using images from my paintings as well as original digital designs.