Ciro Flores Art


Spring Street Studios
Studio 241

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My passion for art began at the age of six in Honduras, Central America where I was born. Before I could read or write, I was sketching images out of newspapers, magazines and comic books. I found stories in the imagery and discovered that I could retell those stories in my own voice.

Stylistically, my work is influenced by the color and simple imagery of Honduran folk art but reflects the social situations and events of contemporary life. Easily distracted by the mundane, I find myself sketching while at work meetings, sifting through the newspaper, or while bored at a bar. The paintings that I create from these situations usually begin as meeting agendas, newspaper articles or cocktail napkins, thereby adding another layer to the story. Just as I did in Honduras as a child, as long as I have a pen or pencil, I paint on anything.

I have exhibited my work in galleries in Honduras, Texas, Nashville and The United Kingdom . My work is in included in private collection in Texas, Louisiana, New York , Tennessee, California, Florida and Honduras.