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Castellanos Fine Art

Oil, acrylics, and glass paint

Silver Street Studios
Studio 110
(832) 231-0504

My name is Bayron Tabora and I am from Honduras. To me, painting is the channel through which I express memories of my childhood and my relationship with nature as an adult. Whether I am painting a colorful landscape or a single line across the canvas, it all seems to relate to emotions from the past, the present and sometimes the future. In many ways, painting to me feels like a spiritual journey. The more I do it the better it feels.

I work in multiple media, including acrylics, oil and glass paint. My artistic inspiration comes from observing the balance between nature and mankind. Sometime I begin my pieces with a study using sketches and imagining peaceful landscapes. Other times I improvise based on what is in front of me. The final product is a composition of colors and shapes which mimic the rhythms of trees, flowers and the wilderness.