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Artwork by Angie

colored pencils, ink, pyrography

Winter Street Studios
Studio 3B

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Angie Spears is a self-taught artist, specializing on regionally native trees, plants and wildflowers, as well as the pollinators and other beneficial insects that live in the natural world.

Based in Houston, Texas, Angie travels throughout the state and country, following the bloom of wildflowers through the Spring and Summer months for inspirations for her work. In Fall, she turns her focus to the beautiful and stately trees that bear silent witness to our fast-paced lives.

Angie is constantly taking reference photographs during her explorations out in the world. Whether it’s a walk through her neighborhood prairie preserve or a mountain trail in the Rockies, she always finds plenty of inspiration in the native plants, trees and insects that she finds. She uses these photos to create an idealistic composition of what appeals to her about the particular ecosystem to create the sketch for her drawings. Then using a combination of drawing media (including a pens, colored pencils, pyrography pens, and inks) on various and interesting surfaces, she brings the work to life so that she can share with others the beauty that she sees.