April DeConick Art Rugs and Designs

Hooked tapesties and dyes

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 114

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Do you remember when you were a kid coloring outside the lines before you knew you weren’t supposed to? When you picked crayons from the box and colored with colors just because they made you happy?

With line, color, and texture, I investigate how our lives have come to be structured by society and its major narratives. I explore the edges of the known and unknown by using color squares as windows to other dimensions behind or beyond the flat surface, as well as bricks that structure our realities. With my hook in hand, I probe the boundaries that form, sustain, and limit the fabric of our lives.

What does it look like when our personal narratives don’t fit the grid? How does it feel when what we have come to know about ourselves and the world cannot be contained within the lines? When the boxes of our narratives are no longer aligned with what we thought we knew?

What difference does it make to listen to our own consciences and live with spontaneity and boldness? Are we responsible to move the margins to shift the center? Can we transcend the dominant structures and narratives when we choose to color outside the lines? Can we create a new fabric in which to live more humanely and justly?

To express this possibility, the patterns that I spontaneously hook into each art rug are woven into sustainable fabrics and sewn into wearable clothing pieces. They are meant to wrap our bodies in the poetics of color and texture, arouse emotion and meaning, uplift and inspire, and empower us to transcend what limits and divides us.

Currently, I am working on a number of art rugs for an exhibition called “The Fabric of Our Lives.”