April DeConick Art Rugs and Designs

Hooked tapesties and dyes

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 114

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I am a hooked rug artist, master dyer, colorist, and fabric designer. On display in my gallery are my original art rugs and wearable art inspired by my art rugs. For the crafter and artisan, I also have in stock an assortment of hand-dyed wools and my newly released Dye Smart System and Palette Dyes (for application on wool and other animal fiber).

As an artist, I am fascinated by the poetics of color and texture, the erotic collision of sight and touch. I have left behind figure and form, instead relying on my inner sense to spontaneously create my pieces. Each work is my own ephemeral response to color, its power to arouse emotion and meaning, uplift and inspire, and embody transcendence. With a few colors and a hook in hand, I intuitively play, allowing each fiber piece to emerge and be named. My process starts in the dye pots and my enchantment with the infinite possibilities of creating new colors from dyes and the spectrum of physiological, psychological and spiritual reactions these colors can stimulate and convey.

Currently, I am working on a number of art rugs for an exhibition called “Color Squared,” which uses color relationships in freestyle compositions to explore squares as windows to other dimensions behind (or beyond) the flat surface, as well as bricks that structure reality and the patterns of life that sustain us. Just as each of us is special in our own quirky ways, each square is not quite square. They frame windows of contrasting color that challenge our narcissism and myopic viewpoints, reminding us that there is something beyond us, other than us, that makes life worth living.

My hooked artworks have won top awards in juried competitions, been shown in special exhibitions, and published in a variety of venues. I have published articles, books, and a blog on my hooked art rugs, palette dyeing techniques, and Dye Smart™ color system. I was inducted into the Celebration Hall of Fame for Hand-Hooked Rugs in 2018.