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Ammar Alobaidi Fine Art

Painting , sculptor , Acrylic / Oil / Mixed Media on Canvas , Board ,and Paper

Silver Street Studios
Studio 211
(281) 965-6083

I orchestrate painting around a dynamic use of colors. Abstraction is the matrix of my work as an engineer and painter. It communicates the harmony I build between my emotions as a contemporary man of Middle Eastern culture and my sensitivity to European civilizations, between my experience as a precise, thorough scientist and my knowledge of Modern and classical painting.

I seek to convey the sense of others, their qualities, together with my own sense of human relationships.

My purpose is to share my singular ability to see today's world, and what I would describe as people discover their lowest instinct of individual and collective destruction, and also their ability to still see the strength of love, solidarity, and the exchange of generosity that spontaneously happen between a man and a woman.

I feel my art work follows the footsteps of Pablo Picasso in his synthetic and analytic cubist periods, drawing from El Greco his color, those of Antoni Tapies regarding his particular way of working with the medium used, which was transmitted, to me, by the painter Moher Aldeen, as well as the lines of the School of Bologna.