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Brenda J Bunten-Schloesser


Winter Street Studios
Studio A5

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Changing Perspective by changing opinion:

The way we see things changes when we step in enough to take a closer look. Form the world surrounding us to the view under out feet. What you thought you understood from a distance changes the closer you get.

My objective is to push traditional fiber techniques into a new direction using perspective to create the sensation of depth luring the viewer into the image to discover it’s not what they thought, but fiber. Just as our perspective on life and life’s issues changes with a closer look so dose art when you see the details.

Textile Mosaic Panels:
Building complex layers of painted cotton fabric, cotton batting, died raw cotton and cotton yarn. Using MX Reactive Dye and painted Discharge techniques. Pushing woven, coiled, needlepoint and stitched hand died cottons techniques into each piece of art. Layers are assembled with Acrylic Mediums on a wood panel.

Fiber Wall Sculptures:
This body of art work represents the influence of life’s events and how even the smallest elements of the world around us is interwoven into our story, impacting and changing our dance through life. Incorporates traditional quilting techniques handed down from generation to generation, into these lager wall sculptures. Each piece is created with painted cotton. Using MX Fiber Reactive Dye and painted Discharge techniques, on Cotton Broadcloth, which is then cut and pieced together in organic large shapes.

A graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute (Kansas City, Missouri) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and been working with fiber as a studio artist for over 35 years. Exhibiting all around TX as well as MO, KS, LA, MN, WA, VA, NY, PA, KY, The Republic of Korea and Esbjerg Denmark.

More work can be seen at Houston Art Tribe’s 23rd & 34th