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Agnès Bourély

Drawing Painting

Spring Street Studios
Studio 205
(832) 908-4601

Agnès Bourély is a French artist. She lives and works in Houston, Texas USA.
Her drawings, canvases and polyptychs narrate us in large format the journey. In each of her expatriations, she tells us on paper or canvas the poetry of life «Far from their place».
In order to be plural... Let's be singular

I “exile” myself to my studio in order to understand and express my uniqueness.

I must navigate the turbulence of doubt which lies between my conscious and unconscious states of mind, to assert my difference in a powerful gesture.
The expression of my uniqueness can be shared only if it is in conformity with the authentic affirmation of my difference.
Only on canvas can I give in to fantasy, pleasure, oblivion- insubordination in the
guise of obedience. However, I know so well that canvas only exists through the eye of the others. But I would say, with Vladimir Jankélévitch, that: “too much lucidity dries you out; so that a delicate soul cannot do without a sort of blindness, without the naivety of the heart and the credulity of the spirit.”