Asymmetry of Entropy

Saturday, Mar 13, 2021  /  12-5 PM

Saturday, Apr 10, 2021  /  12-5 PM

SITE Gallery
1502 Sawyer Street

An experimental and interactive reinterpretation of the experience of entering a black hole aimed to elicit introspective response through complete immersion into the piece. An accretion disk made of LED lighting and mirrors envelopes the visitor in simulation of the accretion disk, leading them into the vast and utter darkness of the black hole. Auditory feedback deconstructs and recontextualizes any sound coming from the vistor as an embodiment the destructive forces inside the black hole.

This project is funded through a Support for Artists and Creative Individuals grant from the Houston Arts Alliance in association with the Houston Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs.


More about Daniel Fuller:

Daniel Fuller is a native Texan artist currently living and working in Houston. He holds a MS degree in Media Forensics from CU Denver and a BS degree in Recording Industry Management from Middle Tennessee State University. His artistic practice is multidisciplinary in scope, and focuses on a synthesis of two, three, and four dimensional space. He is a current awardee of the 2020 Support for Artists and Creative Individuals grant from the Houston Art Alliance. Previously, he collaborated with artist Mateo Tannatt on Horse Dream Horse for CounterCurrent18. While studying at CU Denver, he was awarded an ArtsBridge Scholarship to instruct middle school children in sound design and audio production. Currently, he has two ongoing film series for the University of Houston’s William R. Jenkins Library; UH Artists Talk and Building Houston, a joint collaboration with AIA Houston.