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Rebecca Acuña Fine Art

Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Printmaking

Winter Street Studios
Studio B115
(281) 974-6053

As an artist, I struggle with placing myself in a box or staying in one lane. I’ve been a public school teacher of art for many years; and because I teach all genres and most mediums, I lean towards the whole art experience. I would try to create it all if I could.

But I do have some favorites. I enjoy textures with metallic paint. The reflection of light that is captivated through these mediums enthrall my senses. I enjoy portraiture, as every face is unique in perspective. I am inspired by nature; especially trees. And sometimes, I just want to try something new, something different… because playing with paint and brushes and other tools is just fun to learn.

I experiment in all mediums and all subjects.

I welcome commissions because it allows me to challenge myself at something new.