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Artist Talks: Jean Shon and Celea Guevara

Join artists Jean Shon and Celea Guevara as each gives a talk and walkthrough of their new exhibitions at Sabine Street Studios, from 2-3:30 pm on Saturday, December 9. 

Jean Shon's installation, entitled Remains, features photographs and mixed media works that explore the politics of land, erasure, loss, memory, and preservation through the lens of The 1867 Settlement in Texas City. Shon combines historical photographs with new methods like laser cutting, and incorporates sculptural approaches such as stitching in fabric to patch together remnants of loss and unveil a new narrative that focuses on the voices of the community both past and present. Remains is located in the North Gallery. 

Celea Guevara's exhibition, Carving Through Identity and Self-Awareness, showcases a body of small to large-scale linocut prints that depict scenes from life. Originally from Honduras, Guevara's artwork speaks strongly to the themes of identity, culture, folklore. The iconographic elements included, such as nature, drums, plantains, fish, coconuts, the head wrap, etc, are highly significant in the Garifuna culture in Central America.  The creative process, in this case that of the engraving technique, is crucial for Guevara, allowing her to experiment tangibly but also taking her to personal depths that challenge her. The exhibition is located in the East Corridor Gallery