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Toto’ Art Classes

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Two types of classes are available for enrolling.

Individual Beginner Classes
—A beginner's class ideal for kids ages 9-13 who love to create and want to learn more about famous artists. This is a single 90-minute class where we briefly learn about a famous artist and take what we learned, and put it into practice. Students will be taught the signature style of the famous artist chosen and have their own attempt to create something in that form. Each student will complete their work and be able to take it home. All supplies are provided.
Group classes are available! Email to arrange a group class.

In Depth Art Course (4 Classes)
—Teaches the student of any age the skills necessary to complete a work of art from conception to finalization.
1st Class: Getting to know the student and their interests; brainstorming to find a subject the student wishes to focus on in their work.
2nd: Transferring sketches onto canvas and completing the undertone layer of the piece to add complexity.
3rd: Choosing colors, creating their palette, and applying color to the piece.
4th: Finalization and signature!