Improv Comedy Class: Level 1 - Long-Form Improv (In-Person; Saturdays 2-4pm; 9 wks)

Saturday, Aug 20, 2022  /  8:00 - 10:00 pm

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This 9-week course covers long form improv basics, including using the concepts of “Yes, And” and “If this, then what?” to propel scenes forward, active listening, heightening with emotions, object work and interacting with your environment, creating memorable characters, and more.

Why should you take improv classes? Here are a few reasons!
- Get out of the house and develop your creative voice
- Learn the ins and outs of unscripted comedy
- Wake up your mind and train it to react quickly
- Have some long overdue fun collaborating with new friends
- FREE admission to Station Theater shows

Improv classes start monthly! There is no prerequisite for Level 1. Visit the link below for registration info:


Station Improv & Sketch Comedy Theater
2219 Crockett Street #C2 | Houston, TX 77007 | | 832.786.0413

Station Theater offers five (5) levels of Improv classes, four (4) levels of Sketch Writing & Production classes, and numerous workshops and classes in long-form improv and sketch comedy.

Those new to the Station Theater community should start with Improv Level 1. Visit for more information. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at