Fresh Hoptoberfest

Saturday, Oct 5, 2019 11AM-7PM

Holler Brewery Co.
2206 Edwards St

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In a land far, far away, hops are being harvested. Most of those hops get processed and preserved. But a select few are picked fresh, and used to brew within hours of harvest. Fresh-hop beers are an extreme rarity in Houston, but they'll be flowing from our tanks at Fresh Hoptoberfest.

We've collaborated with 7 fellow Houston breweries to fly in hops, fresh from harvest in the Pacific Northwest, to brew 4 unique fresh-hop beers spanning a spectrum of flavor and style. To honor them, local artist Brent Fogt designed a beautiful glass exclusively for their enjoyment. These creations, and the work that goes into them, are worthy of celebration, so we're bringing out some great local bands to rock the patio all day.

Because #beertogo, we'll also have a limited number of cans of each beer available!

No tickets necessary.