Jacob Kirkegaard 


The Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts, Washington Avenue Arts District, Royal Danish Consulate of Houston, and SITE Gallery Houston are pleased to present artist and composer Jacob Kirkegaard performing Labyrinthitis, a concert made from recordings of "otoacoustic emissions," mysterious and complex tonal clusters produced by the ears themselves. Using a specialized microphone inserted directly in the ears, Kirkegaard was able to capture these otherwise unheard tones. Labyrinthitis works with otoacoustic emissions generated by the artist's ears to produce otoacoustic emissions in the ears of listeners. 

Jacob Kirkegaard works in carefully selected environments; his works reveal unheard sonic phenomena and present listening as a means of experiencing the world. Kirkegaard has recorded sonic events such as subterranean geyser vibrations, empty rooms in Chernobyl, and Arctic calving glaciers. Kirkegaard's work has presented at MoMA, New York; Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen; Menil Collection, Houston; and the Aichi Trienalle, Nagoya, among other venues. His sound works are released by TOUCH (UK), Important Records (USA), VON Archives (FR), mATTER (JAP) and other labels. For more information visit www.fonik.dk 

The performance was held April 6, 2017 at 8 PM.