Pavlina Vagioni

Multimedia Art

Spring Street Studios
Studio 131

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Pavlina Vagioni is a Greek multimedia artist with a kaleidoscopic practice ranging from installations, sculptures, paintings, sound collages, and digital works. The common thread of her works is the reinterpretation of classical myths within a contemporary context. Using a scenographic approach, she varies the size of her works, from monumental to intimate dimensions, with a combination of abstract and figurative elements.

Pavlina is an honours graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts and a first prize diplomate classical singer of the Alexandroupolis Music Society conservatory in Greece with additional studies in music theory, piano and music composition. She splits her studio practice between Athens, Greece and Houston. Apart from being a Sawyer Yard artist she regularly exhibits at Kappatos Gallery in Athens, and online shows. Recently, she participated in exhibitions at the Byzantine and War museums of Athens and Art Athina art fair. Her work has been featured in Art Seen magazine, Vimagazino, Athinorama and the Biafarin Awards publications.

Pavlina is a member of Foundwork, Artfare, The Art Gorgeous House, Visual Artists Association and the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.