Dusti Joyner Fine Art

Acrylic Painting

The Silos at Sawyer Yards
Studio 228

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My work is a bridge between sculpture and painting. I use thick acrylic paint and palette knives to create movement through light, shadows, and pattern. As natural light passes the canvas throughout the day, it changes my paintings creating a deeper sense of depth than you typically get with paintings. I really want my viewers to feel like they are experiencing a fleeting moment or “Souvenir of Life” as my family calls it. Life is short and you have to treasure the every second you get. Most of my works are inspired by a particular time of day or more specifically, how it feels at a certain time of day. What does an early morning cup of coffee look like in a floral painting? Is it big smooth brushstrokes with a muted color palette just as you are waking up? Or is it short deep strokes with bold colors on a busy morning? And how does weather play a part in that? You could walk into a field of flowers a hundred times and each time it could look different. I want to capture that in my paintings.